Halloween Collection

Terrifically terrifying. Fabulously frightening. And sweetly scary. Our brand new Halloween collection has been raised from the dead and ready to decorate your horrific and adorable Halloween sweet treats.

Full of new sprinkle mixes, returning favorites, edible wafer paper cupcake toppers, royal icing decorations, cookie molds, and so much more! A treat for every Halloween trickster indeed.

Fall Collection

“Trick or Sweet Care Bears” is the newest and most certainly the cutest of our Halloween sprinkles. A candy bag full of fun, it features a heavy base of black, orange, and white sprinkle with a hint of bright rainbow. Can you spy out the iconic Care Bears wafer paper pieces and hearts? Pair it with our “Halloween Care Bears” cupcake toppers for a complete top to bottom look.

A returning Halloween favorite “Monster Mashup” is a scary sweet blend of bright orange, black, white, lime, and purple sprinkles with royal icing mummies, pumpkins, ghosts, and creepy eyeballs. Dress it up scary or dress it down sweet, this sprinkle mix is perfect for every single Halloween party and gathering.

New this Halloween is our Halloween cupcake decorating kits. These are the perfect weekend activity especially with kids. Allow your little ones to explore their kitchen creativity with sprinkles and matching edible decorative pieces. Each kit comes with cupcake liners for an all-in-one easy baking adventure.

Candy Corn Cupcake Kit

Candy Corn Cupcake Kit


KIT CONTAINS: 2 oz Candy Corn Sprinkle Mix 12 pressed sugar candy corns 12 cupcake liners Candy corn is a Fall staple! This is a mix of the classic colors: yellow, orange, and white with mini royal icing candy corns blended… read more

Looking for a to-go party treat? Grab one of our spooky cookie molds like “Jack-O-Lantern” or “Bat.” Package them up with one of our free downloaded Halloween tags for the perfect Halloween party favor.

Jack O Lantern Cookie Mold

Jack O Lantern Cookie Mold


Make your own chocolate-covered cookies with the 4 Cavity Cookie Chocolate Mold. *Physical instructions are not included with the mold. INSTRUCTIONS: Simply fill the mold cavities 1/3 full with melted chocolate, embed your sandwich cookies, tap tap tap! the tray until it's even, then top off each… read more

Whether you’re celebrating in freaky or fun Halloween fashion, there is something for every haunted enthusiast in this new festive collection.

Make sure you tag us @sprinklepop.shop in all your sprinkled and scary sweet treats this Halloween season.

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