Hocus Pocus Oreo Witches Hats

“I put a spell on you and now are you are!” I say to myself as I devour one of these delectable Hocus Pocus (inspired) Witches Hats. A tasty treat or a devilishly wicked decor piece, these Halloween chocolate Oreos shaped to look like witches' hats make for a fun snack or maybe even a cute cupcake topper.

So let’s find the book, brew a portion, grab some sprinkles and make these! 


- Oreos

- Miniature Ice Cream Cones

- Black Melted Chocolate

- Purple Melted Chocolate

- Hocus Pocus “Spell Bound” Sprinkles

  1. Take a miniature ice cream cone and, in the purple melted chocolate, dip the widest part of the cone approximately ⅓ of the way to the top. Gently Tapp off the excess chocolate on the edge of the bowl and then place it directly on top of the oreo cookie.
  2. While the chocolate is still wet, apply the “Spell Bound” sprinkles. Place each wafer paper by hand to ensure proper placement if desired. Allow the chocolate to fully dry and set before moving. Repeat with the rest of the ice cream cones and Oreos.
  3. Once the ice cream cone and oreo have set together, dip the tops of the “witches hats” into the melted black chocolate. Again, gently tap off excess chocolate on the edge of the bowl to prevent dripping. 
  4. Allow the chocolate to fully set and dry. Repeat with the remaining witches' hats.
  5. Enjoy!

Come, we fly! Or better yet…come, we eat! These adorable Hocus Pocus-inspired witches hats are simple, sweet, and the perfect Halloween treat for your parties, gatherings, or even just a fun weekend kitchen activity with the kids. 

Make sure to swing by Sprinkle Pop and check out the whole “Salem Sister” collection we just released. Sprinkles, toppers, royal icing decor pieces, and even a cupcake kit are included to get you in the spooky Salem spirit. And remember…tonight we fly 🧹 


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