Sprinkle Pop Sunday Drop

We have been working on something super special, super exciting, and super exclusive. So pumped to finally share all about our "Sunday Drop."

Each Sunday at 7:00pm EST, Sprinkle Pop will drop brand-new, super limited edition items. And when we say limited edition, we might only make 20 of certain pieces like sprinkle mixes, toppers, or royal icing pieces. Once each item is gone, it is gone for good!

We will be posting little sneak peeks throughout the week of what's in store for each drop. Every week will be different. Always a sprinkly surprise. Always top-tier exclusive.

See something you gotta have?! Get ready to sprint over to Sprinkle Pop Sunday evening at 7:00pm EST. Snooze you lose, or so they say. So set your alarm and we'll meet you over at the website this Sunday for the next super special, super exciting, and super exclusive Sunday Drop!

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