12 Days of Sprinkle Inspo: Day 1

Our holiday sprinkle collection is full of bright colors, fun shapes and memorable flavors. But with so many sprinkle options, sometimes it's hard to figure out how to use them all. Don't worry, we get it. That's why we're bringing you 12 days of sprinkle inspiration with some of our most popular mixes!

On the first day of sprinkle inspiration, Sprinkle Pop is bringing you some Christmas Magic, the kitchen sink of Christmas sprinkles! We threw EVERYTHING into this sprinkle mix. Christmas Magic has traditional Christmas colors with a pop of lime, snowflake, Christmas tree, and candy cane confetti plus beautiful gold metallics.

These lime green chocolate fudge cakesicles are the perfect backdrop for those more traditional Christmas colors. Mix cake crumbs and buttercream together to form the cakesicle mix, place in mold, freeze, and dip in dyed white chocolate. These use a ratio of 5:1 cake crumbs to buttercream, but it depends on how moist the cake is. Add a red drizzle using candy melts or white chocolate, a little Christmas Magic and a touch of edible gold leaf to get this festive look!

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