How to Throw a Grinch-Inspired Party!

Treats and picture by Ashley from @livingbeautahfully

Welcome to Who-Ville. A small village just south of Mount Crumpit where magic and festive fun is not just a season but rather, a way of life. Cookies, cupcakes, cones, and cakes all line up merry & bright awaiting to be enjoyed by young and old alike. 

We have the most gracious of Grinch Christmas table scape setup to serve as a festive and memorable gathering this holiday season. All of the mixes used can be found here- Let's explore each yummy treat. First on our trip around Who-Ville we have sugar cookie heart Christmas trees. 

A simple stack of heart shaped sugar cookies, biggest to smallest, sandwiched together with bright Grinch green buttercream and an array of red, pink, and confetti sprinkles. Be bright. be bold. Get as wacky as you want with each sugar cookie heart layer. Pro tip: this dessert is a great one to occupy any littles you may have with you as you tackle the more time intensive desserts.

As we continue to stroll down Grinch alley we spy the most adorable green sprinkled Grinch himself cake topped with his lopsided Santa's hat. This statement piece is deceptively easy. Grab a bottle of our "Lime Green" sprinkles and either roll the entire cake in them or with your hand gently scoop and press the sprinkles up against the sides of the frosted cake. 

Up next is a perfectly pink swirled cupcake that Cindy-Lou Who would choose first. Don't be shy, give each cupcake an extra mountain top swirl of pink buttercream and a healthy splash of "Merry & Bright" sprinkles. I've heard the more sprinkles you use, the more magical it is.

But wait, those aren't the only cupcakes we spy. Run, don't walk to these Grinch-tastic cotton candy topped "Who Hash" sprinkled cupcakes. Can we really venture through Who-Ville without such a festive treat?! 

Not to be outshone by those epically green fluffy cupcakes, a tray of tri-coloured cake cones will tickle the fancy of every little boy and girl. A "Who Has" sprinkled waffle cone bedecked with a layer of green, white, and then red buttercream frosting all sprinkled up with colour coordinated sprinkles is a show-stopping, walk-ceasing, no-bake dessert with dazzling colours. 

If the little ones are starting to slow through our journey, give them one of these "Lollipop" sprinkled sugar cookie sandwiches to munch on for that burst of last minute energy. A kid-friendly sprinkle mix full of bright Christmas pastels and easy to eat on the go. No fork. No napkin. No problem!

And as the saying goes, we've saved the best for last on our Who-Ville foray with the center piece "Welcome to Who-Ville" show-stopping cake. Garnished with pops of perfectly piped pastel bows and wreaths, this party approved cake will be the star of the table. Slice around the gumballs and enjoy a piece of this magnificent "Merry & Bright" sprinkled confectionary delight.

We're sad to see you go but hurry on now and start preparing for your very own grinch inspired holiday party. And remember...maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.

Link to all of the mixes used in this tablescape!



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