Breast Cancer Awareness Decorating Kit

October 1st starts Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all of us at Sprinkle Pop wanted to show our support for those brave women and men that are affected by this disease.  Pink was formally chosen in the early 90’s to symbolize Breast Cancer, although other variations of the color were used prior to that.  Pastel pink was chosen for other reasons besides its feminine association; it is also thought to be a color that is calming and playful. 

Pink is a popular Sprinkle Pop color that is used in many different variations in our mixes. We created a mix that had a combination of different shades of pink that showcase a beautiful homage to Breast Cancer Awareness.  Our decoration kits come with pressed sugar pink ribbons to garnish with, and we also offer the option of cupcake liners to tie the theme together.

Sprinkle Pop is dedicated to showing our support for Breast Cancer Awareness and this limited-edition mix is our way to do that.  100% of the proceeds from this mix and decoration kits will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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