Camouflage Sprinkle Macarons

As is common during the summer months, it rained cats and dogs in Houston last week. While that doesn’t seem typically newsworthy, when it comes to making macarons, it can be the difference between a huge fail and a celebration of success. If you’re new to making these decadent french cookies, don’t let fear rain on your baking parade (see what I did there? I'm so punny, ha!). A bespoke mixture of green, brown and gold sprinkles surrounding a rich buttercream filling is sure to bring sunshine to even the gloomiest day.

Green Macarons with Camouflage Sprinkles

What are macarons?

Before you whip up a batch to treat yourself with, let’s clarify one thing: a macarOOn is more lumpy and dense, made with coconut, egg whites, and powdered sugar. While also made with egg whites as a key ingredient, macarOns are created with almond flour folded into a meringue base, which yields the delicate texture of this popular sandwich cookie.

This brings us to our featured dessert- perfect green macarons with camouflage sprinkles! A light and decadent macaron is how I brightened my day and left my gloomy feelings in the past. Combine a cookie filled with buttercream and throw on a mix of camo sprinkles, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Whipped Meringue

Tips and Tricks

My biggest fear was the weather affecting my macs, so when I thought my piped batter was dry enough, I let them dry even longer. 100% humidity means I dried this batch for two hours (normal drying time in moderate humidity is roughly 30 minutes). Soft green food coloring and sprinkle pop sprinkles can make a beautiful cookie, but they can’t fix shell texture problems. Also- don’t be afraid to tap the HECK out of the pans before after you've piped your macs and before drying. I was attempting to be gentle, alas, that didn’t get me anywhere. You’ll get a much smoother shell if the batter settles into itself after piping.

Perfect Green Macaron Shells

Perfect green macarons with buttercream filling

Green Macarons with Camouflage Sprinkles

Find the recipe below for these petite macarons with camouflage sprinkles. And what's even better about these sprinkles is that they support an awesome cause. Sprinkle Pop's "American Hero" Sprinkle Mix is the Charity Of The Month sprinkle mix. Every purchase of the "American Hero" camo sprinkle mix will benefit Wounded Warrior Project during the months of June and July. Community and charity support are close to my heart, and Sprinkle Pop is proud to regularly donate sprinkles and proceeds to amazing causes. 

Camouflage Sprinkle Macarons

Macaron Shells
80 grams almond flour (extra fine works best for me)
80 grams powdered sugar
2 large egg whites (room temperature)
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
1/8 tsp salt
50 grams sugar (granulated)
1/2 tsp vanilla
green gel color (optional)


  1. Sift the almond flour and powdered sugar together in a medium bowl, set to the side
  2. With an electric mixer and the whisk attachment, beat the egg whites on medium speed until foamy. Add cream of tartar and salt while beating, still on medium. Gradually add granulated sugar and increase speed to med-high. Mix until soft peaks form; add the vanilla and a few drops of green food coloring. Once you reach stiff peaks in the meringue, stop mixer and remove bowl.  
  3. Sift the extra fine almond flour and powdered sugar into the bowl of the meringue. Using a rubber scraper, gently fold the meringue and dry ingredients together. Fold until the batter drops into itself and levels out in under 10-15 seconds.
  4. Prepare a disposable piping bag with a large round tip and fill with the batter. Pipe the batter into uniform circle dots on a silicone baking mat, about 1-2” in diameter.
  5. When piping is complete, firmly tap the pan down on the counter a few times so that all the air bubbles are released. Pop any remaining air bubbles that didn’t release already. Allow the circles to fully dry before baking- I left mine for about 1.5- 2 hours, as it was extremely humid (even by southeast Texas standards)
  6. Preheat the oven to 290 degrees Fahrenheit, and when the tops of the shells are dry to the touch, bake them for 22 minutes.

Vanilla Buttercream
4 oz egg whites (pasteurized, from the carton)
8 oz powdered sugar
1lb/four 8oz sticks unsalted butter (softened)
1 tsp *pure* vanilla


  1. Weigh the egg whites and powdered sugar, beat them on medium speed using a whisk attachment for 2 minutes. Whisk on medium-high for 4 minutes until a loose meringue forms.
  2. Reduce speed to low and add softened butter, one stick at a time until all four are incorporated. Slowly increase speed to medium and add vanilla, mix for 1 minute and reduce speed to low. Continue to mix on low for 4 minutes until the buttercream is silky smooth. 


  1. Pipe a large 1.5” dot of buttercream onto one macaron shell, and twist a second shell onto it to secure, pushing filling just to the edge.
  2. Fill a small condiment cup or ramekin with your green camo sprinkles and roll the edge of the macaron in the sprinkles.
  3. Gently shake the cup to redistribute the sprinkles, and repeat for additional macarons.

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