Candy Corn Sprinkle Mix!

Halloween is filled with sugary treats and this mix is no different!  Our Candy Corn Sprinkle Mix is a fall staple and we had to create a mix that paid homage to the ever-popular Halloween treat.  We like to think of this mix as our twist on a Halloween classic!

The Candy Corn Mix is a classic mix or orange, yellow and white, quintessential Halloween colors.  We made this mix extra special by adding custom, Sprinkle Pop exclusive, Candy Corn royal icing pieces.  The addition of this mix to the collection added a bright pop of fun colors to contrast the beloved dark and spooky tones of standard Halloween color schemes. 

We wanted to add plenty of mixes that incorporated fun, unique pieces and this mix does just that.   The colors in this mix bring a certain nostalgia to the table, which is the perfect mix to include on your favorite classic Halloween treats.  A chocolate dipped marshmallow pop would be a cute way to showcase this mix. A thick piece of chocolate bark with this mix as a garnish would make for an extra sweet treat. 

Whether you love or hate candy corn, this mix is not up for debate.  It is sure to be a fan favorite during your Halloween celebrations.  There is something about the classic colors that bring a sense charm that we all love at this time of year!

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