Create Your Own Custom Mix!

You know exactly what you want! A little bit of this color, with a small splash of that color, and a pop of metallic highlights. Off you go to find your dream sprinkle mix only to find there isn’t one that’s picture perfect for what you envisioned. Bummer? Nope, not anymore! You can create your very own custom sprinkle mix now! Anything your mind can envision can become a sprinkle reality.

It’s really easy too. Follow a few simple steps and you’ll soon have a sprinkle mix as magical as your imagination is. So head over to our website, select “Custom Mix” on the top menu second to the left and let’s get started! I’m going to use Material Ghoul as as example.
1. Choose what sprinkle type and color you would like. 
Jimmies - hot pink and white
Sixlets/Candy Pearls - white, gold, and hot pink
2. Select a metallic option if you would like one.
Gold Dragees
3.Confetti Options are next.
4. Edible Glitter is several different colors and shapes are available.
5. At the very top of the screen you will see an option to include a picture inspiration. Please attach anything similar to what you are dreaming of.
6. Additional Notes. This is where you can write in anything extra. Material Ghoul has little black bat sprinkles in it. Anything addition, just like those bats, would go in here. 
There you have it. You just created your very own personalized custom sprinkle mix. Wasn’t so bad, was it? I’m fairly certain you can now put “Sprinkle Designer” on your resume. 

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