Check Out Our Custom Mixes!

Love our Sprinkles, but want something extra special and unique?  We’ve got you covered!  We offer our customers the ability to create custom mixes!  Yes, that’s right-with the help from our Sprinkle Queens, you can create a mix that is unique to you in a few easy steps. 

The best way for us to get the perfect match for you, is with a photo.  Emailing us a PDF of the inspiration, logo, or color scheme you are looking for is the best starting point.  Once we have it reviewed, we will work with you to design the different elements of the mix to make it just right!  We have trained professionals that will offer helpful suggestions for color combinations or which sprinkle types to use or not use, based on your application of the sprinkles. 

Custom mixes are offered at no additional cost to you, but there is a 5-pound minimum for custom orders.  Due to the nature of a custom order, lead times can take longer than an average order.  Your sales rep will discuss lead times and any additional information at the time of creation!

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