Dia De Los Muertos Cupcakes

It’s the season of spooky sprinkles and I could not be more excited about it! SprinklePop has a great collection of Halloween and Fall-themed sprinkles, and I’ve gotten to create some amazing projects with them in the past (my fave being this scary Monster Mashup cake!). This year I’m particularly loving the colorful Dia De Los Muertos mix, and paired with some piped Candy Melt spiderwebs, they look downright spooktacular on these cupcakes:

The Dia De Los Muertos mix is perfect for adding to Day of the Dead themed cupcakes or cakes. The mix is so colorful, with jimmies and spherical sprinkles in an assortment of black, pink, purple, lime, and orange. Complete with tiny sugar skulls, this mix is perfect for party cakes and cupcakes. Just look at how fun these sprinkles are: 

Although these sprinkles are outstanding on their own, I decided to pipe some Candy Melt spiderwebs to add some spooky flair to these Day of the Dead cupcakes. The spiderwebs are so easy to create and make the ideal cupcake toppers for any ghostly gathering. Paired with the Dia De Los Muertos mix, these cupcakes have the perfect balance of pretty and scary.

I whipped up a quick video of the process so you can see how to get the look. From the white chocolate spiderweb toppers to the perfect sprinkled cupcakes for adding them to, here are all the visual details before you read about them below:


You Will Need:

Wilton Candy Melts in White

Piping bags

Wilton Tip 3

Wax paper

Baking sheet

12-15 baked cupcakes

One batch of vanilla buttercream

Black, purple, and orange food color gels

3 Wilton Tip 1M 

4 oz bottle of Dia De Los Muertos sprinkles

Step 1: Make The Candy Melt Spiderwebs

Spread a sheet of wax paper onto a baking sheet and make sure it fits along the bottom of the sheet to create a flat surface for your piping. Then, melt your Wilton Candy Melts in the microwave according to the package instructions. Alternatively, you can use white chocolate chips for this part, but I love the Candy Melts because they’re a much brighter white than white chocolate chips, which tend to be a bit yellow. 

Add the melted Candy Melt mixture to a piping bag fitted with Wilton Tip 3, then pipe spider web designs onto the wax paper. 

At this point, you can let them air dry or speed up the process by popping the baking sheet into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. When they’re completely dry to the touch, remove the wax paper backing from each spiderweb.

Step 2: Prepare The Buttercream

Divide the buttercream into three separate bowls for color mixing. Add black food coloring to the first bowl, purple food coloring to the second bowl, and orange food coloring to the third bowl. Mix until you have the desired shades for your buttercream color palette.

When you’ve got the perfect colors, add each color to a separate piping bag fitted with Wilton Tip 1M. 

Step 3: Pipe The Cupcakes

Using each of the piping bags, pipe swirls onto each cupcake starting on the outer edge of the cupcake and spiraling the buttercream toward the center. 

When you’re finished, all of your buttercream colors should be represented equally amongst the cupcakes. 

Step 4: Top The Cupcakes

Top each cupcake with a white chocolate spiderweb and sprinkle the Dia De Los Muertos mix generously. Make sure that each cupcake gets at least one sugar skull, because they’re the cutest!

And there you have it - an easy way to create Halloween or Day of the Dead themed cupcakes with the prettiest spooky sprinkles around. 

Sweet Wishes, 

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