FAQ- Allergens!

One of the most popular questions we get about our Sprinkles is “are they allergy free?”  At Sprinkle Pop, we use the best of the best when it comes to products, but even with that in mind, allergies are a subject that we take very seriously!  The safety of our products is just as important to us as the quality.

Many of our sprinkle mixes do contain soy and milk, or the by-products of those ingredients.  Non-metallic sprinkles mixes are considered gluten friendly.  While most of our products are free from major allergens, there is the possibility of accidental cross-contamination. 

If you have specific product questions regarding any of our products, our customer service team is happy to help in any way! 


  • Madelyne McKee

    Is the gingerbread house and decorations peanut and nut-free?

  • Sprinkle Pop

    Hi Nancy, 8 oz will easily decorate 2-4 dozen cupcakes depending on your sprinkle technique.

  • Nancy Barrington

    Approximately how many cupcakes could be decorated using 8oz of the Sprinkles?

  • Marcie

    Are these safe for a peanut allergy and sunflower oil?

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