Halloween Sprinkle Mason Jars

Halloween Sprinkle Mason Jars by Rebecca Wilhelm with Roses & Whiskers

When Sprinkle Pop asked me to make a Halloween craft featuring sprinkles, mason jar characters immediately came to mind. There are so many Halloween character options, but I decided to make Frankenstein and a witch. (This tutorial could easily be adapted for other characters, like a black cat, Jack O'Lantern, mummy, monster or ghost.) I had so much fun making these Halloween mason jar characters, and I bet you will, too!

What You’ll Need:

Two 32-oz. mason jars (make sure at least one side is blank)

Rubbing alcohol

Purple, green and black glitter paint (make sure it’s suitable for glass surfaces)

Several paint brushes

A cup of water

Black paint


Spray adhesive

Sprinkle Pop nonpareil sprinkles (I used two custom blends)

Wiggle eyes

Two silver nuts

Quick dry glue

Paper towels

A rimmed baking sheet

Optional: small felt witch hat, black garland, decorative spiders


Start by cleaning the outside of the mason jars with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Then paint one mason jar with green glitter paint and the other with purple glitter paint. You'll need several coats, anywhere from four to six. Make sure each coat is dry before adding another. Put the paint brushes in the cup of water in between coats, and make sure they are clean and dry before using them again.

Once the final green and purple coats are dry, use the black glitter paint to make hair. Don't worry about making this look perfect. It should look a little jagged, and you want the colored paint to peek through. Do two or three coats, letting each layer dry before adding another.

Now it's time to add the sprinkles! Spray the adhesive roughly on top of the black glitter paint, being sure to follow the directions on the back of the spray bottle. Use your fingers to drop sprinkles on top of the glue. Again, you're not going for perfect coverage here. You want to see a blend of the colored paint, the black paint and the sprinkles. I recommend holding the mason jar over a rimmed baking sheet when you add the sprinkles to prevent them from bouncing all over the place. It'll take about an hour for the sprinkles to set.

Use quick dry glue to glue wiggle eyes on each jar and the nuts on the side of the Frankenstein jar. Paint a smile on both jars using a black paint pen. Form the smiles however you want! You can also add eyebrows. (I only added eyebrows to Frankenstein.) 

The final (optional) step is embellishing the witch. I found the small felt witch hat, black garland and some decorative spiders at Michael's. 

This is such a fun Halloween project for both kids and adults. Happy crafting!


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