Harvest Caramel Apples

Time for Fall recipes! First up is Harvest Caramel Apples from Ashley Durand of Ashley in the Kitchen. 

It’s orchard season. I’m so excited about it because I’m from the south. You know, incase you haven’t noticed, y’all. And we don’t have those down there. Now that I’m in Ohio, I actually get to enjoy lasting seasons. *insert fall leaf emoji here*

 Last Fall was the first time I went to an apple orchard and it’s everything I thought it would be. The gift shops, the smell of the bakery, because YOU KNOW they have those pies goin’, and obviously, the endless rows of creepy Ernest Scared Stupid Apple Trees that look like spiders. BRB hold my everything because I’m about to Gladiator walk through these trees with an open palm.

But I have a confession, I don’t like baked apples. I never have. Some of you may not believe me.  I haven’t tried an apple pie since I was a kid, and I’m very reluctant to try it again. I will though, because I’ve already committed to other collaborations and I need to see if my tastebuds are still stupid.


I’ve decided to take baby steps, and make some simple caramel apples. I wanted to jazz these sweet and sour girls up with some  Harvest Sprinkles because those little sugar leaves are just too adorable! It’s like a Fall emoji you can eat!

Best part about these, is well, all of it, but the apples are from an orchard, some of the best I’ve had. I’m usually a Granny Smith gal, but these Zestar apples (literally never heard of it and sounds like an off-brand magician) are amazing! Slightly sweet but mostly sour. Which goes great with the caramel and the sprinkles! I also added crushed walnuts, cuz Fall! 



Find apples that are mostly sour/tangy but hold some sweetness. 

Gather about 6-12, depending on who’s eating! I used Zestar apples from a north east Ohio orchard.

The easiest I’ve found to make caramel apples are caramel sheets! They should be readily available at most stores, and they come with the sticks! A popular brand is - Concord Confections Caramel Apple Wraps. They stretch over the entire apple and you only need to warm them briefly in the microwave. If you can't find these, caramel sauce works great too, but only if you know they will get eaten right away. They don’t hold well in the fridge. Trust me, I know. Or as always you can melt caramels, but try to find the sheets they're such a time saver!

Roll the softened caramel apples in sprinkles and crushed walnuts to your liking. 

That’s it! Decorate and serve how you wish! Drizzle chocolate, add scary eyes, or a ribbon for the sticks. 

Thank you for reading the blog post and for a special discount use this link- https://sprinklepop.shop/discount/CARAMEL.


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