Introducing Basic Witch!

By popular demand, we have released a preview of our Halloween Line! We have started with Basic Witch- a blend of violet purple, hot pink, with classic gold, black, and white sprinkles all mixed together to create the trendiest of sprinkles. 

She loves her latte’s pumpkin spiced and has all the Halloween classics on queue for girl’s night-yes, she is the Basic Witch.  So, pop the Rosé, pick your best selfie filter, and make a batch of your favorite chocolate frosting and let’s get decorating! 

Our new arrival to the Halloween Sprinkle Collection is a fierce mix of bright and classic holiday colors that are sure to make everyone Live, Laugh, Love your sprinkled treats.  Basic Witch was created by putting a girly twist on Halloween and it is the perfect blend of classic and trendy with a dash of a #bossbabe vibe. 

This mix is one of many new arrivals for the season and will be joined by many more dressed-up mixes.  Check out our website to see the complete Halloween line up. 

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