It's Launch Day!

Welp! We’ve officially launched the website. These gorgeous custom sprinkle mixes that I’ve been dreaming about for months, and promoting on social media for the last few weeks are finally available for purchase. Currently in our collection are 7 unique sprinkle mixes. Each one meticulously curated with the perfect proportions of colors and sprinkle types.
 I can’t begin to tell you how much planning, love and work has gone into making this dream a reality. When I first had the idea, hubs and I spent an entire weekend tossing around names! Funny enough, I landed on one of the very first names that I thought of. And thus Sprinkle Pop was born!
In the following weeks I bought my domain, got a logo designed, and started building my website….but most importantly, I got to work creating my line of bespoke sprinkle mixes that no home baker (or any baker for that matter) should be without! My initial inventory is limited, because I wanted to feel out which sprinkle mix(es) would be most popular. Did you read that? I said LIMITED! Which means you should probably head on over to our collection and fill your cart up with a few bottles of sprinkle mixes ASAP!
And fear not, there are more sprinkles coming! The color combinations are endless and I intend to explore all of them. Ok, ok, what are you waiting for? Get to shopping already :)
Sweet Wishes,

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