Let's Say Goodbye to 2020 and Bling on the New Year!

2020 has been...a year. But we're almost through it, and we're hoping that 2021 will be brighter for everyone! And what better way to kick things off than with a fun new collection of sprinkles. Am I right??

Let's Bling in the New Year with this shiny and colorful sprinkle mix! These rainbow colors will really pop against a black and silver backdrop, like on this sheet cake.

If you're into a little New Year's glam, Meet Me at Midnight for some more sprinkle inspo. Just kidding, I'll share it now! Bright silver and gold meet behind a sparkling black backdrop with confetti shapes, translucent wafer paper rounds, and glitter stars. 

We love pairing this mix with a silvery frosting, like on this Oreo cake. It would also look amazing against a gold, black or white dessert.

It's not New Year's without some Fireworks! This blend features a bed of deep navy blue and black sprinkles with pops of bright blues, fuchsia, gold, and silver.

You'll light up even the simplest cupcakes with this colorful mix! We paired it with a pale blue frosting, but it would also go well with black. Can't you just imagine these colors set against the night sky?

Now, please join me in saying, so long, 2020!

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