Oh Snow Cute Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Oh Snow Cute Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

By Lindsey Johnsen from Lady in the Wild West

The holiday season is here which always means festive cheer and below freezing temperatures. To warm up the chilliest of days and hearts, let's create a fun sprinkled Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board with the most adorable "Oh Snow Cute" sprinkles. 

It's really as simple as a few yummy storebought seasonal holiday treats such as pretzel roads, donut holes, marshmallows, cookies, and the star of the show: hot chocolate! No need to spend all day working in the kitchen, simply gussy up these sweet treats with a bit of melted white chocolate and sprinkle on the most wintery wonderful sprinkles.

 On a large serving tray, gather the array of confections and artfully arrange them around the hot chocolate mugs. Let your littles or holiday guests pick out their desired treat, hot chocolate mix, and enjoy a fun festive cup while you get toasty around the fireplace. Seasons Greetings!


  • Sprinkle Pop

    Hi Laura,

    It’s a matter of personal preference for how strong you enjoy your hot cocoa. I generally add 2 tbsp.

  • Laura Lester

    I would love to make the hot chocolate bombs .. do you have a recipe for how much hot chocolate mix goes in the bombs. Or basically a recipe you use?

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