Our Most Popular Fall Mix- Pumpkin Carriage!

Pumpkin Carriage Sprinkle Mix!

Fall is officially under way-right?  At least for Sprinkle Pop it is!  We have officially launched our Fall Collection and are excited to present our exclusive Pumpkin Carriage Sprinkle Mix.  We wanted a mix that captured the whimsy of the season and showcased classic Autumn charm.  

This one-of-a-kind sprinkle mix is something we have never done before!  Every color in the mix was specially designed and dyed to fit the chic vibe we were looking for. The mix includes dusty blue, burnt orange (or as we like to call it, pumpkin spice orange), cream, and rose gold. The addition of the hand piped color-coordinating royal icing pumpkins took this mix to another level of elegance.  

Our more sophisticated mixes containing hues of rose gold are some of our best sellers and having an upscale Fall mix was a welcome addition in our collection.  The rich tones in Pumpkin Carriage are right up there in popularity with our classic mixes Old Hollywood and Vintage Rose Gold.  

Just as the fairytale goes, this magical mix will not last forever.   Be sure to get yours today; we promise this mix will be the perfect fit! 

Photo by: Rachel at Frosted Fuji Cakes!

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