Our New Sunflower Fields Mix!

You cannot look at a sunflower without it instantly lifting your spirits!  The bright yellow petals have the look of sunshine beams on a sun-filled day.  These “happy” flowers spark joy and are sure to brighten up your sweet treats.

We created this mix in hopes to bridge summer and fall together.  While sunflowers are a Summer staple, there is a big trend using sunflowers in Fall decorations.  Our new Sunflower Fields Mix was built around the hand piped sunflower pieces and includes shades of greens that resemble the stalks and leaves with a pop of bright orange and warm yellow and gold tones to depict a full field of flowers. 

Sunflowers spread happiness and are a unique way to close a warm Summer and welcome a cool Fall season. This mix would be a perfect addition on whipped cream dolloped on ice cream or a welcomed pairing on a warm apple crisp; two quintessential Summer and Fall desserts.  A rich and decadent chocolate frosting piped on a cupcake would also showcase the warm colors of this mix nicely. 

Sunflower Fields has a place on an end of Summer dessert or a warm and comforting Fall recipe.  This one-of-a-kind specialty mix will remind you to soak up the last warm days of this Summer and fall into Autumn. 

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