Rainbow Sprinkle Inspiration

Rainbow Sprinkle Inspiration

Rainbows. A symbol of love, hope, joy, and most definitely fun! I think all the same could be said about sprinkles as well. It only seems fitting then to share a bit of rainbow sprinkle inspiration and some simple ideas of how to add a colorful pop to your spring treats!

Any cake or cupcake can be transformed into a rainbow delight with a swirl of brightly colored frosting and a generous sprinkling of Rainbow Road sprinkles. Match the frosting to whatever holiday or special occasion and you've got yourself a perfectly decorated cake and/or cupcake with an easy rainbow theme. 

Cake gems and cakesicles are oh so totally trendy right now. Stay on point and make them rainbow with fun colored chocolate shells and our Rainbow Beam sprinkle mix. All eyes will be on these joy-bursting bites of rainbow deliciousness. One might even say they're too pretty to eat.

And last, but certinly not least in this cute colorful cacophony of sweet treats, there's rainbow no-bake cookie butter cups covered in our Unicorn Rainbow jimmie-only sprinkles. A stack of these delicious salty & sweet cups won't last long so you better double up. Trust me on can thank me later. 

All you really need to create a rainbow treat, table, or party is some easy no-fuss desserts and a plethora of fun rainbow sprinkles to inspire all that is fun! So may your fridge be full of butter, your house full of family, and your sprinkles full of rainbows!

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