Shamrock Krispie Treat

What you'll need:

12 Tbsp. Salted Butter

¼ tsp. Kosher Salt

½ tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract

2-8 oz. Bags of marshmallows

1 C. Fluff Marshmallow Topping

8.5 Cups Rice Krispies

1/2 c peanut butter

1 cup Milky Way candies

½ Package of Microwaveable Green Vanilla Candy Coating

 Pot of Gold Sprinkle Mix


Melt the green candy coating in the microwave. Using a food safe brush, coat the inside of a shamrock cookie mold with the coating. Place in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to set. 

In a large pan, melt butter on low heat.  Once melted, add marshmallows, salt, and vanilla extract.  Stir on low heat until all ingredients are melted and well incorporated.  Add marshmallow fluff topping and peanut butter and combine.  Add rice krispies and stir until coated in marshmallow mixture. 

Once the chocolate coating is set in the mold, remove from the fridge. Melt the Milky Ways and stir until smooth. Place a spoonful of chocolate in each mold cavity and coat each shamrock with the chocolate. Be sure it's a thin and even layer. Let set for 15 minutes. 

Place 2-3 tbsp of the krispie treat mixture in each shamrock and press to fill the mold. Melt additional green chocolate and pour a spoonful over each cavity. Use an offset spatula to smooth the chocolate. Let set in the fridge for 15 min. Remove from the fridge and press each shamrock out of the mold. 

Drizzle with extra chocolate and top with "Pot of Gold" sprinkle mix

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