Snazz Up Your Memorial Day Weekend

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First and foremost, let me say that the purpose of Memorial Day is remembering and honoring our fallen servicemen. Sometimes I feel the importance of the day gets lost in the festivity planning. But, I believe that gathering with friends and family and merrymaking is what life is all about and our servicemen are fighting to protect that freedom. So, as you respectfully plan your weekend, I've compiled some simple ideas to infused a little extra patriotism into your event.
1. Simple and Fresh Dessert Tray
Corey over at Family Fresh Meals, created this simple yet beautiful...and tastey dessert tray. I love that she chose yogurt covered pretzels as the white, because those are DELISH! Full tutorial and ingredient list HERE!
2. Table Decor
I'm a classic over decorator but I simply love these daisies in colored water; it's quick and festive. Be careful not to dye the water too early, or your white daisies will start changing color. Get the deets from Kim HERE!
3. Sprinkled Ice Cream Sandwiches
remember when we talked about how I like to do semi-homemade things (check out my last blog post)....well this is a perfect example! See this and other dessert ideas from Freutcake.
And you know what sprinkles would look totally rad on these? Our latest addition, Old Glory
Sweet Wish & Happy Memorial Day, 

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