Sparkling Wine Jello Glasses

Christmas is the season for cheer. The season for celebrating. And, if you’re anything like my family, it’s also the season for going a little bit above and beyond the regular glass of wine. This recipe is for those feeling extra festive and want to take their holiday gathering to a new level of fancy. Sprinkled layered sparkling wine jello glasses are not just beautiful, but fabulously fun while deceptively easy to prepare. So pop that cork and let’s get drinking…I mean making.

Sparkling Wine Jello Glasses

1 ½ cups sparkling wine or champagne
½ cup boiling water
1 gelatin packet
Ho Ho Ho Glittery Sugar
Red Dragees 4MM
White corn syrup or honey

1. In a separate mixing bowl combine the boiling water and gelatine. Mix gently.
2. Slowly add in the sparkling wine or champagne and mix together.
3. In a wine glass or champagne flute put a few sprinkles in the bottom and pour some of the wine jello mixture over the sprinkles.
4. Repeat with remaining glasses/flutes and allow to set in the refrigerator for 1 hr. Keep the remaining wine jello mixture at room temperature.
5. When the jello has set in the glasses repeat step 3 and step 4 until the glasses are full.
6. With a small dab of corn syrup or honey on your finger run it around the edge of each glass and gently dip into a bowl of glittery sugar sprinkles. Enjoy!

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