Spring Chocolate Caramel Twist Pretzel Rods

Created by: Jamie Dinardi-Dill of Sweet Confetti 
- Caramel Squares
- Pretzel Rods
- Melted Chocolate
- Sprinkle Pop Pastel Party Sprinkles
- In microwave, heat caramel squares for 30 seconds (you will need 3 squares per pretzel rod).
- Take 3 softened caramel squares and roll in your hand until they are smooth and in 1 piece.
- Roll softened caramel piece into long rope, approximately 8" long.
- Twist caramel rope around top of pretzel rod and wrap around as you move down the rod. Caramel twist will cover approximately 1/2 of the pretzel rod. 
- Melt your chocolate.
- Dip pretzel rod, caramel side down, into chocolate. Make sure that entire caramel twist is covered in chocolate. 
- Tap to get excess chocolate off of pretzel rod. 
- While still wet, apply your spring sprinkles.
- Allow to dry.

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