Sprinkle Bunny Sign

Sprinkle Bunny Sign by Rebecca at Rose and Whiskers

Sprinkles are the perfect way to top off desserts, but they're also a fun tool for crafting! Like with this adorable sprinkle bunny sign. These pretty pastel nonpareils form a bunny silhouette, which makes for a cute Easter decoration.

What You’ll Need:

5 x 5-inch wooden sign

bunny template



pink puffy paint (fabric paint works)

cotton ball

quick dry glue

small paint brush

Sprinkle Pop pastel nonpareils

pink ribbon

Cut out the bunny template and use a pencil to trace it onto one side of the board. It doesn’t matter which side!

Trace on top of the pencil markings using pink puffy paint (fabric paint). Don’t like pink? That’s okay! Another color will work just as well. Let the paint dry completely.

Next, glue on a cotton ball for the tail. There’s no need to buy specialty puffs like those found in craft stores if you have a bag of regular cotton balls. I recommend quick dry glue, which is what I use for most craft projects.

Spread a light layer of quick dry glue inside of the bunny silhouette using a small paint brush. Keep in mind that it’s called “quick” dry glue for a reason. Sprinkle pastel nonpareils on top of the glue. Wait a couple of hours, and then hold the sign upside down over a trash can so that any excess sprinkles fall off. If they all fall off that means you didn’t use enough glue! In that case just add more glue and more sprinkles.

Write “Hoppy Easter” on the other side of the board, or the saying of your choice. Leave a space at the top if you want to add the ribbon. Again, trace over the pencil markings with puffy paint and let the paint dry completely.

Cut a 12-inch piece of ribbon and tie it into a bow. Glue it above the “Hoppy Easter” letters in the empty space on the board.

And you’re done! Wait for the glue to dry completely before displaying your sign. You’ll know the glue is dry when the color goes from white to clear.

Lay the sign flat to store and don’t put anything on top of it. If any sprinkles fall off at any point, it’s easy to add more. Just squirt a tiny bit of glue (don’t use a paint brush this time) on the bunny and add more sprinkles.

Happy crafting!

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