Sprinkle Flower Pots

Sprinkle Flower Pots by Rebecca at Roses and Whiskers!

Sprinkle Flower Pots

You’ve probably heard the cute stories comparing relationships to planting a seed and watching the flowers grow. That’s the idea behind these “Love Grows” sprinkle flower pots. These would make a cute Valentine’s Day decoration or gift using fake flowers or, if you have a greener thumb than I do, the real thing!


What You’ll Need:

flower pots
outdoor acrylic paint
puffy paint
small craft paintbrushes
cup of water (for the paintbrushes)
paper towels (in case you make a mess)
quick dry glue
Sprinkle Pop jimmies
letter stencils
fake flowers (optional)


This craft is completely customizable to your preferences. Want a larger pot? Go for it! Want your flower pot to be green or purple instead of pink? Absolutely do it! Just be sure to use outdoor acrylic paint, especially if you plan to store the flower pots outside. And let the pots dry completely in between coats of paint.


After the pots are painted and dry, use a stencil to write “Love Grows” on one side. Or freehand it if you trust your handwriting! Either way, a pencil is the right tool for the job. You’ll notice that I completely colored in part of my stencil before I realized that wasn’t necessary.


Next, glue on the sprinkles. The easiest way to do this is by painting quick dry glue around the rim, a little bit at a time. Stick on your favorite Sprinkle Pop jimmies. I used the “First Crush” jimmies and a custom mix.


Important note: Don’t pick up the pot by the rim once the sprinkles are on, even after they’re dry. The sprinkles can come off if you touch them. But if that happens just dab on some more glue and some more sprinkles!


Trace over the pencil letters with puffy paint (again, your color of choice!) after the sprinkles dry. You’ll know they’re dry when the glue becomes clear. The reason you should add the sprinkles before the puffy paint is so that random sprinkles won’t fall off and stick to the letters.

Also, don’t worry whether the puffy paint is “outdoor” or not. I don’t think that’s a thing you can find.

Finally, add assorted fake flowers or some dirt and seeds! (I’m not the one to ask about how to plant real flowers. Unfortunately I didn’t inherit my grandma’s gardening abilities.)

Happy crafting!





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