Sprinkle Haunted House

You didn’t think we could let Halloween come and go without a fun and totally spooktacular gingerbread house, did you?! Well we’ve got you covered with ghoulish haunted house. Everything you need is in the kit so open it up and let’s get scary!
1. Mix up the prepackaged royal icing sugar in a mixer by adding a tbsp of water at time until you achieve stiff icing consistency.
2. Lay out all for the panels and start decorating the front, back, and sides first.
3. Outline the windows and doors with royal icing. Set aside to dry.
4. Decorate each roof panel with the royal icing. Set aside to dry.
5. Once the side, front, and back panels are fully dry you can begin to build the house. With the royal icing connect each piece by the corner. We used a sprinkle bottle to help stabilize each panel. Set aside to fully dry.
6. Once the base of the house is fully dry you can add the roof panels one at a time with the royal icing. Set aside to fully dry.
7. Time to decorate. Grab your sprinkles and halloween pieces and with the royal icing as glue, decorate your haunted house as you please. 
Happy halloween!

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