Sprinkle Mason Jars

Sprinkle Mason Jars by Rebecca at Roses & Whiskers 

These colorful mason jars would make cute candle holders for a birthday party. The best part? They’re easily customizable to suit your color preferences! Simply swap out the paint colors or use different Sprinkle Pop jimmies to make your own sprinkle mason jar birthday candle holders.

What You’ll Need:

32-ounce mason jars acrylic paint (I used metallic colors)

several small paint brushes

quick dry glue

Sprinkle Pop unicorn jimmies (or substitute your favorite variety)

Start by painting the mason jars. They’ll need three or four coats of paint, so keep that in mind when planning this craft project. Let each coat dry completely before adding the next, for two to three hours. (A coat is dry when the jar is no longer sticky.) 

Paint vertically on the first two coats of paint. On the third coat, paint horizontally. On the final coat, paint vertically again. That horizontal layer will give the jar more uniform coverage. 

Don't add the sprinkles until the paint is completely dry.

Using a paint brush, spread a generous layer of quick dry glue partially around the rim of the jar. Sprinkle on the jimmies and gently pat them onto the jar with a finger. Hold the jar over a bowl to catch excess sprinkles.


Rotate the jar, adding glue and sprinkles, until the entire rim is covered.


Let’s take a minute to talk about how to handle the mason jars. Once all of the sprinkles are added, I don’t recommend picking the jar up by the sides or the rim. The sprinkles can pop off if touched too often (especially around the rim). Stick a hand inside of the mason jar to pick it up. Then you can hold it from the bottom.

Okay, now let's go back to adding sprinkles! Dab spots of glue randomly on the sides of the jar, doing only a few glue spots at a time. Then carefully place on jimmies.


 Don’t pick up the jars until the glue dries completely. You’ll know the glue is dry when the color changes from white to clear. Just to be on the safe side, wait at least another hour after the color becomes clear before handling the jars.


Store the jars upright on a shelf. Don’t rest anything directly against them, or the sprinkles might be rubbed off. But if any sprinkles do fall off, it’s easy to fix. Simply dab on some more glue and add more sprinkles!

Happy crafting!

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