Sprinkle Pop 2020 Fall Collection

We just introduced our new Fall 2020 collection! Here is a break down of all of the mixes!


Pumpkin Carriage Mix:

Pumpkin Carriage is the perfect mix of classic autumn and whimsy. Shades of rose gold, burnt orange, dusty blue, and shimmering cream play perfectly against soft gold metallic dragees. Hand piped color-coordinating royal icing pumpkins ad a gourd-geous touch to this sprinkle mix.

PSL Sprinkle Mix:

Three words: Pumpkin. Spice. EVERYTHING! Our PSL Sprinkle Mix embraces the essence of that time of year where pumpkin spice reigns supreme. An autumn blend of orange, brown, gold and white is sure to give you all the fall feels. 

Sunflower Fields Sprinkle Mix:

Envision crisp autumn air as the sun sets through a sunflower field. Shades of green, bright pops of orange, glamorous gold accents and stunning hand piped sunflowers make up this truly fabulous fall sprinkle mix.

Campfire Mix:

Fall means evenings spent by the campfire. Grab your roasting stick, some graham crackers, and this “Campfire” sprinkle mix. Fiery red, flame-worthy orange and yellow, hints of warm chocolate brown, and flecks of roasted gold. A “Campfire” mix would not be complete without mini marshmallow sprinkles, so we added those in too! Your autumn s'mores will never look better.

Harvest Mix:

Are you a basic gal who has a soft spot for all things pumpkin spice? This sprinkle mix is for you! Harvest is a dreamy rich blend of fall colors accented with maples leafs and gorgeous shimmery burgundy sugar pearls. 


Talk Turkey to Me:

Talk Turkey To Me is a festive blend of harvest colors including red, orange, yellow, gold, dark green, and brown. 

Hashtag Blessed Mix:

Looking for something to spice up that slice of pumpkin pie? Look no further! We are thankful for our #Blessed Sprinkle Mix. A rich mixture of reds, browns, oranges, and golds, this sprinkle mix is sure to be the perfect accent to your Thanksgiving desserts. And look closely, you might see some hand piped pumpkin pies, acorns, and tiny turkeys swimming around. 

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