Sprinkle Pop Fall Favorites!

Summer may just be ending, but Fall is in full swing at Sprinkle Pop and we have a few immensely popular mixes that are already causing a frenzy.  We created our Fall and Halloween Collections to be the perfect mix of seasonal classics with some unique and one-of-a-kind mixes sprinkled in! Our customers love the novelty of our creations, so we knew we had to design a boo-tiful offering for this season!

Our Fall Favorites for this year are Pumpkin Carriage, Sunflower Fields, PSL Season, and the Fall Flavors Collection.  These mixes are the perfect blend of classic and creative innovation. 

Pumpkin Carriage has the charm of classic Autumn with and twist!  This mix contains our unique concoction of dusty blue, pumpkin spice orange, cream, and hints of warm rose gold tones.  This sophisticated mix has carefully created, hand-piped pumpkin royal icing masterpieces that are a first of its kind.  Every color in this mix were deliberately designed and custom made to fit the color scheme.

Sunflower Fields was curated as an homage to bridging Summer and Fall.  The pops of yellow in the mix resemble the beams of sunshine that you see on a warm summer day, while the bright orange and gold tones offer a warmth of Autumn colors; all surrounded by shades of green that mirror the stalk of a sunflower.  This mix showcases delicately hand piped sunflower pieces that tie this whole mix together. 

PSL Season Sprinkle Mix was an obvious choice to be added to our Fall Collection!  Three words: Pumpkin. Spice. EVERYTHING! Our PSL Sprinkle Mix embraces the essence of that time of year where pumpkin spice reigns supreme. An autumn blend of orange, brown, gold, and white is sure to give you all the fall feels. 

Last, but most certainly not least-our Fall Flavors Collection.  As if Sprinkles could get any better, we one-upped ourselves and flavored them! This collection offers toasted Marshmallow, Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie, and Mocha Latte Flavored Sprinkles.  Toasted Marshmallow has the perfect warm and toasty vibe that you can only have from a gooey marshmallow.  The perfect addition to a cup of Hot Cocoa!  Apple Cinnamon is the quintessential Fall Flavor and how could you resist them on a piece of Apple Pie a la Mode?  The Pumpkin Pie mix is spiced just right-and waiting to be sprinkled on a thick slice of Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie.  You cannot have a Holiday dessert without a warm cup of your favorite coffee.  A dollop of whipped cream with these sprinkles on your favorite coffee is the perfect extravagant treat!

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