Stars & Sprinkles Rice Crispie Cutouts

We set our sights on the Fourth of July, where the stars and stripes will adorn every piece of home decor, clothing, and dish present at summer gatherings. When it comes to summer events in Texas, we beat the heat by the pool and break out the burgers. The scorching month of July is one where the heat of the grill is the equivalent of the sun, or so it feels that way to us in the Lone Star State.

What does the season of grills and outdoor gatherings mean? Potluck style lunches and dinners, galore. Everyone scrambles to find their best recipe featuring the colors of the Old Glory Sprinkle Mix, arranging them as perfect and precise as Betsy Ross sewing together those beautiful stars and stripes. Regular red, white, and blue sprinkles are neat, but this sprinkle mix also features the stars and bars with gold and silver metallic accents.

Patriotic Rice Crispie Treat Star Cutouts with Red White and Blue Sprinkles

Now, I don’t know about y’all, but it is too dang hot for me to be in the kitchen baking when it’s 100+ degrees outside. I want to be the hero of dessert and have everyone sing my praises, but let’s be real here, that heat is no joke.

Rice Crispie Treat Cutout Recipe

The bright side is, you can still win the dessert game and keep your cool with these Stars & Sprinkles Rice Krispie Cutouts featuring a fun mix of red, white, and blue sprinkles. BONUS: there’s even a way to prevent sticky fingers on kids and adults alike.

Rice Crispie Treat Cutout Recipe

Rice Crispie Treat Cutout Recipe

Five simple ingredients can make a fun snack that doesn’t have to stay in the fridge, and needs no dishes for individual serving. There is no better win-win than no dirty dishes at the end of dinner, trust me. Add in some red, white, and blue sprinkles and you have a fun, patriotic treat to share.

Patriotic Rice Crispie Treat cutouts with red white and blue sprinkles

Patriotic rice crispie treat cutouts with red white and blue sprinkles

Stars & Sprinkles Rice Krispie Cutouts:

Krispy Treats

6 C. Rice Crispie Cereal
4 C. Mini Marshmallows
3 T. Butter
Kabob skewers (optional)

1. In a large pot, melt butter and marshmallow together on low heat; mix in cereal to marshmallow.
2. Press the mixture onto a sheet pan lined with parchment paper to cool.
3. Grease a star cookie or sandwich cutter and press to cut out shapes. Insert skewer into desired cutouts for a fun pop style treat!
4. Freeze for 5 minutes to set the shape.
White chocolate chips, melted
Old Glory Sprinkle Mix

1. On the pan lined in parchment paper, drizzle white chocolate onto star cutouts.
2. Sprinkle on the Old Glory Mix of sprinkles, and let the chocolate firm up before serving.


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  • Jeanne T Crandall

    Love this idea! Came up with a no-measure Rice Krispie Treat recipe that has no leftovers in the box. 1 stick butter (butter your pan with it first, then save out about a tablespoon for your hands); 16 oz. marshmallows; 10 oz. (or so) box of Rice Krispies. Hope this helps those of you who hate to have little bits of things left over.

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