Surprise Messages Cupcakes

Surprise Message Cupcake

Who doesn't love a surprise?! Especially a surprise hidden inside a cupcake. Our brand new wafer paper Surprise Messages are a cute way to pass on some "sweet" love. Or...if your special someone appreciates a bit of sarcasm we've have a "snarky" version too!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Vanilla Cupcakes (tinted pink)
  • Cream Cheese Buttercream
  • Sprinkle Pop "Pink Ombre" Sprinkles
  • Chef Master Gel Food Colors (pink, peach, blue)
  • Cotton Candy
  • Maraschino Cherry (dipped in Roxy & Rich glitter)
  • Conversation Heart
  • Small Chocolate Bar (mold was purhcased on Amazon and made from pink candy melts)
  • Wilton 6B Piping Tip

Hollow out the center of the cupcake, pour in some sprinkles, add the Secret Message, and top with some frosting and cute add-ons like chocolates and a cherry! Surprises all around this Valentine's Day!



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