Ultimate Sprinkle Haunted House

Extra Gingerbread House:
I think it’s easy to tell by now that us at SprinklePop are a little bit extra. So why stop at a Haunted Gingerbread House when we could create the most fun, funky, and colourful Haunted House possible, right?! Grab your gel food colors, a few mixing bowls, and a whole bag full of candy corn because we are about to get extra!
1. Prepare the royal icing in a mixer by adding 1 tbsp of water at a time until you achieve stiff icing consistency. 
2. Separate the icing into three bowls and color according to what you desire. We did black, hot pink, and halloween orange.
3. Decorate the walls first. Flood the area around the windows and doors with one colour and fill with another. Pipe a border of the remaining colour around the windows and door trim. Set aside to fully dry.
4. Pipe a thick line of royal icing on the bottom edge of the roof panel and place candy corn (or whatever candy you desire) along the edge. Repeat going up each roof panel. Set aside to fully dry.
5. Once the sides are fully dry you can begin to construct. Attach each side and to the cardboard base with royal icing and allow to fully dry. We used sprinkle bottles to help prop the panels up while drying.
6. Once the base is fully dry you can attach the roof panels with the royal icing and allow to fully dry.
7. Time to decorate as “extra” as you want! Grab the sprinkles and Halloween decor pieces and with the royal icing get creative, spooky, and totally terrifying. 
Happy Halloween!

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