Using Pinterest To Find Color Inspiration

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It's no secret that you can find just about anything on Pinterest. Sprinkle inspiration is no exception. All the eye candy on Pinterest gets me drooling to make fun and colorful sprinkle mixes. As a cake decorator, I already have a pretty keen eye for color, but it never hurts to have a little help. 

Today I wanted to show you how I used Pinterest to find color inspiration for some of my sprinkle mixes. 

Before I even launched Sprinkle Pop I was pinning gorgeous color palettes and I knew I wanted to make a Unicorn Sprinkle Mix. The trend is so hot and I knew I needed to get in on it. 

Unicorn Sprinkle Mix

Another trend I wanted to get sprinkly with? MERMAIDS! and I friggin' love this mix! Don't think you have to just look for "color palettes." You can find color inspiration anywhere, like this rock candy bouquet! 

Treasure Trove Mermaid Sprinkle Mix

I have to say, though, the Party Like a Pineapple Sprinkle Mix is by far the most fun I've had taking inspiration from a photo or color scheme and turning it into edible happiness! 

Party Like a Pineapple Tropical Sprinkle Mix

What sort of color inspiration do you want to see turned into sprinkles?!

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