Valentine's Day Pop Tarts With Sprinkles

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I'm always looking for fun ways to use sprinkles...I mean...basically anything that has sugar in it could, and should, be topped with Sprinkle Pop.

I have always loved pop tarts. They are my favorite breakfast "junk" food. These, however, are by no means junk. These babies are decadent and gourmet...

A perfect treat for your kiddos or your special someone for breakfast on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Pop Tarts Breakfast with Sprinkles

The thing I absolutely love about these oh-so-yummy treats is that all the ingredients are pre-made...well except the frosting...but that couldn't be quicker to put together.

And I would be remiss if I didn't take a second and talk about how INSANELY delicious these Stonewall Kitchen jams are. Sprinkle Pop is not, in any way, affiliated with Stonewall Kitchen, but when I find a product I love, I MUST share!

Seriously...I was eating these by the spoonful.

I how did I make these Valentine's Day pop tarts? 


I unrolled the dough, cut it into rectangles (hearts would be cute too), added a spoonful of cornstarch to the jam for thickening, assembled, then baked at 350 degrees until golden brown. 

Valentine's Day Breakfast Pop Tarts with Sprinkles

I even made some cute little pie crust hearts for decorations with the scraps. Lucky I made extras, because I couldn't stop eating these either. 

Once cooled, I made a quick frosting of powdered sugar, heavy cream (you could use milk or water too), vanilla, and food coloring.

Finally, I topped them with our Electric Love Sprinkle Mix.

Gah! So...SO good!

These are a must try...and, as simple as they are, there's no reason not to.

And, because I love ya, here's a quick video to give you a better idea of the assembly.


Sweet Wishes,


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