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We all have our favorite Disney Princesses, but what would a Disney movie be without the other star of the show-The Villain?  Our Princess Collection has done so well, we knew we had to release their counterparts, but we wanted to wait until the Halloween Season to exhibit these mixes.  With the recent release of our Villains collection, we wanted to recognize an integral part of what makes a Disney movie exciting and full of thrills.  Choosing which iconic Villains to showcase was not easy, but we wanted to include classic characters from throughout the years that everyone knows and loves.  Dragoness, Snake Charmer, Witch Doctor, Stolen Voice, and Scared Spotless are here and ready for the next adventure!

You won’t want to be sleeping for the Dragoness Mix. Shades of purple, pops of bright green, and flashes of black and silver light up this malicious villain sprinkle mix.  This mix is inspired by Malificent and is the perfect way to add some villainous ferocity to your desserts. 

If we had 3 wishes, one would be for more sprinkles! Our Snake Charmer sprinkle mix features shades of royal reds, golds, and villainous black.  This Jafar inspired mix has elements of opulence fit for a King, with flashes of gold that shine bright like his spear.  Don’t stare too long at this sprinkle mix, you might get charmed. 

If you've got friends on the other side, then our Witch Doctor sprinkle mix may cast a voodoo curse on you. A concoction full of deep burgundy, reds, purples, and black accented with wafer paper skulls; the perfect homage to Dr. Facilier and his evil ways. 

Our Stolen Voice sprinkle mix is inspired by the sea-witch Ursula. It features inky black, hues of purple, aqua and pops of metallic gold. Don't be a poor unfortunate soul and miss out on this mix!

Finally, our Scared Spotless Mix!  Don’t let this spotty sprinkle mix scare you away. A classic blend of black, red, and white, with spotted wafer paper sprinkles will get you chasing around the city in hunt of, perhaps, a furry friend or 101 of them.  Cruella DeVille inspired this mix and just like she can’t be without her furs, you can’t be without this mix!



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Kaye H
Kaye H

Nov 12, 2020

Could you tell me where I might be able to purchase the Maleficent horns? I want to buy some of the sprinkles as soon as I can find the horns. What awesome cupcakes you show!!!


Oct 23, 2020

Where do you get the cute pick pieces for the top??


Oct 23, 2020

These are great but I can only find 2 styles on your site to order :-(

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