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We launched just a few short months ago and the response has been overwhelming! You guys LOVE sprinkles...and I can't freakin' blame you. My subscribers steadily grow and I'm so grateful that all of you are as invested in growing this business as I am. Today I'm here to chat with you about a few new products on the site and share with you what's coming down the pipeline. 
First off, Fourth of July is quickly approaching and we have a super fun sprinkle mix called "Old Glory" that will patriotize (yes, I made that word up) your sweets for the 4th. 
The United States isn't the only one celebrating a holiday in July. Our northern friends in Canada are celebrating Canada Day on July 1st, and I've got a mix for that too!  This is called "Oh Canada!" (so0o0 creative...i know)  and it's very limited stock...in fact, I only have 5 bottles left. Check out those Maple leafs? Don't you love?
 And for my favorite new addition, I present to you "Treasure Trove". This deep jewel toned mix is my take on the mermaid craze. The gold starfish gelatin sprinkles seriously pop in this mix, and quite frankly I'm obsessed with it. This is a limited edition mix. It will be back, but we won't always have it in stock, so make sure to pick up yours while it's still here!
 And now for my big announcement....meet our brand-spankin'-new addition, our Sprinkle Addiction Box. For the serious sprinkler who can't decide which mix to buy...now you don't have to. Our first box features our most popular mixes, plus a few extras fun treats. You can pre-order them now and they will be shipping no later than July 15, 2017. 
 And just in case you were wondering what all is included....
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