Summer Closeout - Royal Icing

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Royal Icing Bunnies, Chicks, & Lambs (Easter Friends) (12ct)
A set of 12 hand-piped Royal Icing Pansies, featuring beautiful purple and yellow petals. These decorations are freeze and bake stable, measuring .75" in size, and have a sweet vanilla flavor. Perfect for adding a touch of springtime cheer to your Mother's Day and spring-themed baked goods.
Royal Icing Purple/Yellow Pansies (12 ct)
Royal Icing Chocolate Truffles (12ct)
Royal Icing Red Macarons (12ct)
Royal Icing Pastel Christmas Trees (12ct)
Royal Icing Glittery Gold Stars (12ct)
Royal Icing Pink Pumpkins (12ct)