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Founder | Liz Butts 

Well hello there my fellow sprinkle enthusiast! My name is Liz and I’m the founder and curator of the gorgeous sprinkle mixes here at Sprinkle Pop. I’m also the owner of Liz Bakes Cakes; both businesses are based out of my home in Katy, Texas (a suburb of Houston). I’ve been decorating cakes for over 10 years. Now I split my time between the two businesses and also work a full time job in the energy industry as a credit manager. As I’m sure you can imagine,I’m very busy…and that’s just the way I like to be! When I do have a spare moment I focus my attention on home projects. I’m very handy and proud to admit it! I also like to spend time with my family which includes my very supportive husband, Sean, and our three border collies, Maverick, Kinsey, and Jelly Bean. Speaking of border collies, I’m an active volunteer with Border Collie Rescue and Rehab. So there you have it…my passions include, cake, sprinkles, my hubs, border collies, and power tools!

About Sprinkle Pop!

The founding of Sprinkle Pop was one of those “Ahah!” moments for me. One day, while brainstorming a cake, I was looking to customize a sprinkle mix online and coming up empty handed. Realizing that the selection at most local supermarkets was also limited, I knew there was a market for more elegant sprinkle mixes to be made available for the everyday baker.  After all, not every person can/or wants to spend money on the custom cake they found on Pinterest. With Sprinkle Pop you can give your made-with-love baked goods a wow factor! All of my mixes are hand colored with great attention to detail. Through trial and error I’ve identified the perfect blend ratios of a variety of different types of sprinkles. And if you are looking for a very specific color combination to perfectly coordinate with your event, we’ve got you covered there too!