Our Three Favorite Valentine's Royal Icing Decorations

We've been preparing for our Valentine's Day drop for months and that means creating so many different designs for our royal icing decorations. Even though we're absolutely obsessed with all of them, here are our top favorites!

1. Lovely Llamas

We simply cannot get over how cute these are and how absolutely perfect they look on these chocolate covered oreos!

2. Chocolate Truffles

We would seriously take these decorations on top of a cupcake over a box of chocolates any day!

3. Adorable Gnomes

This one is very self explanatory, just look at how perfect they are on this cookie cake!

If you try out any of our royal icing decorations, make sure to tag us on socials and let us know what you think!

IG: @sprinklepop.shop

TikTok: @sprinklepop

Facebook: Sprinkle Pop

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