Frequently asked questions

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Our Metallic Sprinkle Mixes contain silver and/or gold dragee pieces which are sugar coated in a non-toxic silver & gold food color. These colors have been approved for consumption in the EU & Canada, but have not yet be evaluated by the USA FDA. For this reason they are labeled "For Decorative Use Only." Cake decorators all over the world have been using and eating dragees for decades. Please use this information to make your own determination on the edibility of metallic dragees. 

Some of our sprinkle mixes contain hard sugar pearls and macaroni dragees (dragee rods) that could be considered a choking hazard to children under 1. If you are concerned about this, we recommend you stick to our "Simply Sprinkles" sprinkle mixes

Sprinkle mixes are guaranteed for 18 months after purchase. However, in reality there is no reason why they wouldn't last for several years provided they are stored in a cool, and dry environment. Exposure to sunlight may cause color fading, especially in pinks and purples. 

As a point of reference the 4 oz jar is enough sprinkles for 24-36 cupcakes depending on how heavy handed you are. Please note that the 2oz package is considered to be a sample size. 

Orders are processed Monday through Friday at around 8:00 am CST. Current order processing times are listing on this shipping page during checkout. Transit time varies depending on location, but is usually 2-5 days. These times may be extended during holiday season (September - December). 

Orders are shipped via USPS and occasionally can take longer due to post office inefficiencies. If you need the sprinkles in 2 weeks or less, it's recommended that you purchase expedited shipping.

Please note we are not responsible for delays once the package is out of our hands.

International shipments, including Canada & Mexico, are subject to duties and taxes at the customer's expense.

Because our product is a food item we, unfortunately, cannot accept returns or exchanges. If your product arrives damaged due to post office mishandling or defective for any other reason, please email a photo along with your order number to and we'll do our best to make things right.