Liz Butts, founder of Sprinkle Pop, lives in Katy, TX with her super supportive husband, Sean (who has dubbed himself the Chief Master Sprinkler) and their three Border Collie rescues: Maverick, Kinsey and Jelly Bean. And once upon a time, they lived a relatively simple life together. But with one wild idea, their house soon became sprinkle central…

Okay, so you know how the story goes—girl meets cake, falls in love, makes a career out of shaping sugar. But Liz, caker at heart and sprinkler by trade, soon found out that she has quite a unique eye for creating mesmerizing sprinkle mixes. Not only can she pinpoint exactly what color combinations work best together, she can create a custom blend with the perfect textures. A true go-getter, Liz threw herself into the business. On a mission to change the sprinkle scene, she grew the business from a one-woman show operating out of the small “sprinkle room” in her house on nights and weekends to soon expanding to its own dedicated warehouse space with a devoted team of sprinkle fairies in under a year. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, it was important to her that Sprinkle Pop offered the kind of product she would use herself: delicious sprinkle mixes that are custom, vibrant and luxurious. She put the sprinkles to the test and tried out several suppliers before landing on one that actually had a delicious product. In fact, our customers constantly rave about just how good our sprinkles taste!


With a finger on the pulse of all things trending, Liz is always one step ahead of the game with her crowd pleasing bespoke blends like the wildly popular Unicorn Sprinkle Mix.

Founded in the spring of 2017, Sprinkle Pop has quickly become an unstoppable force in the industry. Headquartered in Houston, TX, Sprinkle Pop serves baking supply stores, professional cake/cookie decorators, and baked-good enthusiasts around the globe with the high-quality, unique, customizable sprinkle product the market was sorely lacking. And with top-notch customer service and free shipping, our customers eagerly come back for more!

From collaborations with some talented movers and shakers in the industry like Avalon Cakes, Kara’s Couture Cakes, Sweet Ambs, McGreevy Cakes, and James Beard Nominated pastry chef Kelly Fields of Willa Jean to an exciting NPR feature, Sprinkle Pop continues to take the industry by storm.