Gothic Graveyard
Cupcake Kit

Embrace the darker side of deliciousness this Halloween....
Gothic Graveyard Cupcake Kit
Gothic Graveyard Cupcake Kit - showcasing the contents of the kit, including sprinkle mix, toppers, and black spiderweb cupcake liners.

Gothic Graveyard Cupcake Kit

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Get ready to bake up some spooktacular treats with our Gothic Graveyard Cupcake Kit! Embrace the darker side of deliciousness this Halloween with a dash of fun and a sprinkle of spookiness. This kit comes complete with everything you need to conjure up some eerie enchantment – from our Vampire Kiss Sprinkle Mix featuring a tantalizing blend of black, red, and silver, to our Gothic Graveyard Edible Cupcake Toppers that add a touch of playful eeriness. The party doesn't stop there – the black spiderweb cupcake liners will have your creations looking like they've emerged straight from a crypt. With 4 oz of sprinkle mix, 24 toppers, and 24 red cupcake liners & 24 spider cupcake wraps, this kit is a must-have for turning your treats into boo-tiful masterpieces. Don't leave your Halloween baking plans in the dark – bring a dose of spook and a hint of pun to your cupcakes with this kit!

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