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Chocolate covered S'mores

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Frequently asked questions

While you can use other types of chocolate in our mold, we recommend using Ghirardelli Chocolate melts for their ease of use and great flavor. If you do decide to use regular chocolate, be sure to temper it properly and monitor the temperature carefully to avoid overheating.

Freezing chocolate is generally not recommended because it can cause the chocolate to bloom, become wet and sticky, and even change its texture and flavor.

Additionally, freezing the mold can add to its overall wear and tear of f it shortening its life span.

No, chocolate molds should be hand washed. The high temperature of the dishwasher can cause melting and warping.

Your chocolate-covered s'mores should be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

The ingredients used in chocolate-covered s'mores are all shelf stabled, so your treats will be good for quite a while!

Most grocery stores carry marshmallow fluff. If you are unable to locate it at your local store, you can get it on Amazon

Absolutely! We recommend using water-soluble gel colors (the most common type of food coloring) and alcohol-based extracts!

Cracking after setting is typically caused by a few key factors.

  • Freezing your chocolate can cause cracking after everything returns to room temperature
  • Overfilling your marshmallow fluff can cause cracking due to too much internal movement
  • Not settling your chocolate by tapping the mold on the counter can cause cracking due to trapped air bubbles affecting the stability of the treat.