Frequently Asked questions

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Orders are processed Monday through Friday at around 8:00 am CST. Current order processing times are listing on this shipping page during checkout. Transit time varies depending on location, but is usually 2-5 days. These times may be extended during holiday season (September - December). 

Orders are shipped via USPS and occasionally can take longer due to post office inefficiencies. If you need the sprinkles in 2 weeks or less, it's recommended that you purchase expedited shipping.

Please note we are not responsible for delays once the package is out of our hands.

International shipments, including Canada & Mexico, are subject to duties and taxes at the customer's expense.

Our processing time is a reflection of the care and attention we put into each and every order of our sprinkles. Although we do use some tools to help us make things easier, the majority of the work is done by hand. This includes our special shapes, which are piped one by one with love. We also color more than half of our sprinkles which enables us to offer our customers a wide range of completely custom colors. And because we want you to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible, we keep just enough on hand and make more as you order. This extra time and effort may mean a few extra days before you receive your order, but we believe it's worth it to bring a smile to your face with every bite.

Our specialty pieces make up a small percentage of the sprinkle mix. These hand-piped characters are meant to be accent pieces. You should expect to see the following amounts in our packaging.

2 oz: 6-8 pieces
4 oz: 10-12 pieces
8 oz: 18-20 pieces

For Wafer specialty pieces, you can expect roughly 5 pieces per ounce.

Sprinkle mixes are guaranteed for 18 months after production. We intentionally keep our backstock low to ensure that our customers are receiving the freshest possible product.

However, in reality, there is no reason why they wouldn't last for several years, provided they are stored in a cool, and dry environment. Exposure to sunlight or fluorescent light may cause color fading, especially in pinks and purples. 

Our Metallic Sprinkle Mixes contain silver and/or gold dragee pieces which are sugar coated in a non-toxic silver & gold food color. These colors have been approved for consumption in the EU & Canada, but have not yet be evaluated by the USA FDA. For this reason they are labeled "For Decorative Use Only." Cake decorators all over the world have been using and eating dragees for decades. Please use this information to make your own determination on the edibility of metallic dragees. 

Some of our sprinkle mixes contain hard sugar pearls and macaroni dragees (dragee rods) that could be considered a choking hazard to children under 1. These pieces are easily removed by hand, but if you are concerned about this, we have plenty of varieties that don't include these pieces.

Color Representation

We take pride in the artisanal craftsmanship of our Sprinkles. Each sprinkle is hand-dyed with precision and care, adding a unique touch to every batch. However, due to the manual nature of the dyeing process, subtle color variations may occur from one batch to another, enhancing the individuality of our products.

It's essential to note that colors displayed on computer monitors can vary, particularly in terms of brightness and intensity. While we make every effort to accurately represent the colors in our product photos, please be aware that real-life hues may differ slightly. We strive to edit our images to be as true to color as possible, ensuring that you get the most accurate representation of our Sprinkles.


Because our product is a food item we, unfortunately, cannot accept returns or exchanges. If your product arrives damaged due to post office mishandling or defective for any other reason, please email a photo along with your order number to and we'll do our best to make things right. 

how much do i need?

The amount you need will be completely dependent on how heavy handed you are! While we recommend a 2 oz bag as a sample size, it can easily decorate over 30 cupcakes with a light hand! Don't believe us? Watch our video below!