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Sunflower Cookies

1. Fill Mold with chocolate or candy melts
2. Add sandwich cookie & chill
3. Decorate with sprinkles and glitter

Sunflower favorites!

Sunflower Sprinkle mix

Transition from summer to fall with this warm-toned sprinkle mix featuring burgundy, golden yellow, orange, and a bright pop of mint. This mix gets its namesake from its hand-piped royal icing sunflower sprinkles.

Sunflower Cookie Mold

Make your own chocolate-covered cookies with the 6 Cavity Standard Chocolate Cookie Mold.

Sunflower Edible Cupcake toppers

Much like the sun, these sunflower toppers are pure joy and color!

Wafers are Vegan and Gluten-friendly!

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Sunflower Cookie Mold
Sunflower Cookie Mold

Sunflower Cookie Mold

Regular Price$18.00